Friday, August 5, 2011

A little about me

In college I majored in plain old "Art".  
My senior year we were instructed to write an "artist statement".  I fretted upon it for weeks.   
Recently, I came across what I wrote.   
It was like coming across an old picture of an outfit you once wore that is now completely out of style.   
In a lot of ways though, I'm still that same girl.
Thought this would be a fun introduction to my blog.   
So welcome!


Inspirations… Freedom of expression • miraculous task of motherhood • being deeply loved • the memories stuck in my mind • I’m depressed again• he is pissing me off • what if I fail? • Frederick Beuchner • New York in the summer • the imperfections of all • close friends • too much wine • acrylic on canvas • simplicity • porch swings • New Zealand • dusk • I’m happy now• the warmth of a heavy comforter • loneliness • I love that color • boredom • an aching desire for something more • what the hell am I suppose to do? • Edward Weston • complacency • depression, yet another time • Iron & Wine • insecurities • abandoning myself • she has teeth• Nate’s music • quietness of the woods • prayer • Brennan Manning • my imposter • a perfect sunrise • my dog died• new love • he is mad at me • countless tears • the Scientist • who am I? • Jim Dine • my heart is aching so badly for you • dancing • new then old places • doing what you have to do • please let me see him again • hugs • talks in bed • the angels in the garden • He died for me? • many fears • weddings • a funeral • I’ll give you my strength so you can dance out of that bed • impressionism • broken relationships • vulnerability • sex • my over emotional state of mind • I’m happy once again • oh shit, I messed up • can I sleep all day? • Great Expectations • late night feedings • his smile • Michigan beach • mom and dad • first cigarette before the football game • you think about yourself too much and you ruin the one you love • annoying politics •Pablo Picasso’s “the Women Ironing”• her laugh • disappointments •I’m always depressed • but everything looks perfect from far away, come down now • and in the midst of chaos, grace… …time to create.

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