Thursday, October 27, 2011


Yesterday was "early release day" at Lilli's school.  Basically that means that Lilli returns home two hours early that day.  Abbi is afternoon kindergarten, so she is to go to school normal time and is released at 2:10 (confused yet!?).  Yesterday, I was distracted with my upcoming trip, packing, getting things in order for Josh, etc.  Yesterday, I was at Costco at 12:10 while my daughter Lilli was dropped off by her bus at our house.  Yesterday, I received a call from her school at 1:45 pm informing me that my 7 year old daughter had walked 2 miles back to school from our house.  Yesterday, I felt like I earned the "worst mom of the year award".  Yesterday, I felt ashamed by my self-focus.  Yesterday, I thanked God for keeping her safe on her walk.  Yesterday, I loved my daughter even more for her courage. Yesterday, I felt God's grace and mercy despite my inadequacies.  

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